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The Endzone Offseason Special: The Murf Strikes Back!

July 5, 2018

The Endzone Offseason Special: Murf Strikes Back!

Welcome to another offseason Endzone NFL Podcast special on the Fandom Podcast Network! Although the 2018 NFL football season hasn't started, there is still a lot of offseason news to talk about. Your Endzone hosts Kevin and Kyle welcome back one of their favorite past guests, Murf, from Raider Fans Radio podcast!

Much to Kevin's delight, Murf's guest spot meant there would be much Raiders discussion! However Kevin & Kyle do talk with Murf about plenty of other NFL offseason news, speculation and analysis on the upcoming 2018 season. 

Here is a list of the many topics the Endzone hosts discuss with Murf:

- Andrew Luck's health and speculation of his return.

- Raiders Khalil Mack and Rams Aaron Donald camp hold outs.

- Falcons Julio Jones camp hold out.

- Le'veon Bell, another franchise tag year? His last year as a Steeler?

- Raiders & Cheifs 2018 predictions and the AFC West analysis. 

- Derek Carr expectations.

- Impact of the Monday Night Raiders & Rams week one game.

- Murf's NFL League prediction Speed Round!

Kevin and Kyle would like to thank Murf, from Raiders Fan Radio of coming on this special edition of the Endzone off season special. To find Murf and his podcast, please search "Raiders Fan Radio" online and on all of your podcast catchers.


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