Culture Clash: The Return of the Spot Monkeys!

June 18, 2017

In this special edition of the Culture Clash the Spot Monkeys Kyle Wagner and Michael Morris reunite to talk the world of professional wrestling and what has developed over the last several weeks both on WWE Raw and Smackdown.  There will be kendo sticks, steel chairs, theme music and of course cheap pops!  Join us and catch up what has been going on in the WWE!

Culture Clash: The Orphan Black Special

June 16, 2017

Five years ago the BBC brought us one of the most diverse, intelligent and crazy shows that Sci-Fi has seen in a long time.  That show was Orphan Black.  Dealing with so many topics and a show that truly embraced all types of people it has grow an strong cult following and has produced a generational acting performance as well.

Orphan Black is a show that does not hold back, including dealing with topics such as science vs religon, genetic modification, a humans right to play god, relationships of all kinds and also giving the viewers some of the craziest WTF moments in sci-fi history.   Led by the sensational performance of Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black has been something new and fresh over the last five years that even the most die hard of fans dont know what to expect each episode.

As we prepare for the 5th and final seaon of Orphan Black Join Norman, Kyle and guest Sestra Hayley Stoddart as we take a look back at the first four seasons of this show and what has made it so amazing to each one of us.  Then we take a look into what we think will happen in this final season.  Finally we share what we think are the best of the WTF moments of Orphan Black.  If you are already a member of the clone club we hope you join us for this great episode, and if you have not joined the club then what are you waiting for take a listen and get in on the Black.   Let's do this!

Culture Clash: Beru Stew Special w/ Riley Blanton of The Star Wars Report!

June 8, 2017

Kevin & Kyle welcome a very special guest to the Culture Clash Star Wars Beru Stew, Star Wars segment. We are honored to have Riley Blanton, founder and host of The Star Wars Report Podcast.

We interview Riley Blanton about his Star Wars history Fandom, The Star Wars Report Podcast origins, his podcast highlights, and he shares some of his favorite Star Wars  Celebration memories.

Then, our interview with Riley, gets extra awesome! Riley discusses his recent trip to Ireland's Skellig Michael, otherwise know as Luke Skywalkers's planet in Star Wars Episode 7 & 8, "Ahhhchoo"! *Gesundheit*, errr we mean Ahch-To:-)

But we save the best for last!  Riley, shares with us a very special video project that we here at the Fandom Podcast Network are proud to help him share, as we are part of his "Digital Street Team". On Monday June 12th, 2017, he will release a special Star Wars VLOG video called "Faith In My Friends". A video tribute to his extended Star Wars friends and family who have supported him and shared his excitement and love for Star Wars Fandom!

In Riley's own words, he says:
"Hey guys! So my long coming, Star Wars Celebration VLOG turned into a mini-documentary! AND IT COMES OUT MONDAY, July 12, 2017! "Faith in my Friends" BTW yes, I shot the intro at Skellig Michael, it was awesome!" -Riley

Enjoy this special Culture Clash Beru Stew interview with Riley Blanton!

P.S. Also in this interview, you get to listen to Riley drive up to a Starbucks window and order his coffee, and we request they put a Star Wars name on his cup. Listen and find out what it is!

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Culture Clash 48: Things get Wonderous

June 5, 2017

In the latest edition of Culture Clash Kevin and Kyle get some summer jobs!!!  However they still have time to bring you the latest edtion of the Clash.  First off they guys talk about their con going experiences over the Memorial Day weekend at Momocon and Megacon which then gets Kevin looking back at an old Star Wars Convention he attended (could it be Celebration .5??)  Kyle then has to yet again question Kevin's 80's cred as it was discovered he just watched Ladyhawke for the first time (first V now this!!!)  In let's news we talk about the latest in Pop Culture and it is a Huge Amazonian filled Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it as the guys talk Wonder Woman (With Spoilers), Baywatch, the new Pirates movie as well as TV shows the Expanse and Wings.  Finally Kevin pulls a double feature from the video vault.  We are ready to commence our watch, lets do this thing!

Culture Clash 47: Happy 40th Star Wars

May 25, 2017

In episode 47 of Culture Clash Kevin and Kyle wish a very Happy 40th Anniversary to Star Wars with a special Beru Stew segment, they guys also discuss the pictures and news that is coming in the special issue of Vanity Fair.  In Let's News we remember Roger Moore as well as discuss the new Game of Thrones season 7 Trailer, Universal's "Dark Universe" the new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming as well as the other Tom Holland news plus we discuss two of Netflix's most recent announcements with the Dark Crystal and Castlevania.  In Buy it, Stream it, or Unsee it Kevin talks Beauty and the Beast as well as Snatched.  While Kyle plays TV catch-up and discusses season 2 of Fear the Walking dead right before Season 3 is about to start, then they guys go into their Alien Covenant experiences and we will see if it is a buy, stream or unsee. Finally Kevin goes deep into the Video Vault to bring us the 1992 Sci Fi film Fortress (could there be a highlander connection?)  Plus the film does take place in 2017.  It is a Star Wars Anniversary packed episode on this very special day!  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 46: The FPNet Founders go on a Mission of Discovery

May 21, 2017

Recorded on May 17, 2017 the day Star Trek Discover broke the internet!  Kevin and Kyle are joined this episdoe by fellow FPNet Co-Founder Norman C. Lao for a special Trek N' 10 Segment diving into all the amazing Star Trek Discovery news that has come out and of course diving deep into the first released trailer. From there they guys hit the latest in pop culutre news including the announcement of the Orville which came from nowhere and the strange week for the TV show Timeless which leads into the Magic 8 Ball awaking for the second week in a row as it ask the guys to name their top 8 Cancelled to soon TV shows!  From there things jump to Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it where Kevin and Kyle talk about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword plus Kevin goes into the Lost City of Z and Kyle talks about the end of the 1st season of Riverdale.  Kevin then breaks into the video vault and brings us the Brandon Lee film Rapid Fire.  All that and all three founders in an extended episode of the Clash, Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 45: Rick Moranis and Saving the Galaxy Again

May 13, 2017

In the latest episode of Culture Clash we are jammed full of goodness with new co-host Rick Moranis (wait he looks way to much like Kevin!) and Kyle diving into a jammed filled week of news and new trailers in Let's News.  Then it is off to the newest segement on Culture Clash as we serve up some Beru Stew and talk about the amazing trooping Kevin did for May the 4th be with you.  (Also why Rick Moranis is now part of FPN lol.)  From there it is on to Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it and it is all about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 however all this Marvel movie talk awoke the Crazy FPN magic 8 ball, the one that asks the questions instead of answers them this time around it wants to know Kevin and Kyle's top 8 MCU films and if we think any of the upcoming films can change that top 8.  Finally we raid Kevin's video vault and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sci-Fi Classic the Fifth Element!  All this and so much more, LET'S DO THIS THING!!

Culture Clash Special: The Interviews of Regina Fan Expo

May 12, 2017

We have something special for you on this one, recently the one of the newest members of FPNet and Co-Host of our newest show Good Evening: A Alfred Hitchcock Podcast Brandon-Shea Mutala attended the Regina Fan Expo and scored some amazing interviews including The Director of the 2014 Independent film WolfCop Lowell Dean as well as the Star of that Film Leo Fafard.  He also sat down with Comic Creator Tom Grummet who has done work for DC comics including on Superman.  Finally he sat down with Star of Both Tron Movies as well as Babylon 5 Bruce Boxleitner.  Enjoy this special podcast everyone!

Culture Clash: WWE Special The Birth of the Spot Monkeys

May 10, 2017

So after the response we had to the Wrestlemania show Kyle managed to talk one Michael Morris to join him in becoming the hottest wrestling podcast team going and so the Spot Monkeys were born teaming Kyle Wagner and Michael "The Glorious One" Morris together to talk all things Pro Wrestling on the Fandom Podcast Network.  In this opening special we discuss the current state of the WWE after Wrestlemania and the Superstar Shake-up  we also give our thoughts on Wrestlemania and what we are hoping to see going forward.  So join the Spot Monkeys for cheap pops and headlocks as they introduce their first offical wrestling show to the Fandom Podcast Network!

Culture Clash 44: The Boys are Back in town! (With a summer movie Preview)

May 1, 2017

That is right guess who just got back in today!  Kevin is back from doing all things Star Wars Celebration and Kyle has recovered enough from Tax Season to bring you a whole new episode of Culture Clash.  In this episode we get you ready for a very filled summer movie season as we preview and give our thoughts on what is coming and what we are excited about and what you might want to try and avoid.  In Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it Kyle gives his thoughts on the recently concluded DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, while Kevin talks F8 and Anne Hathaway's new move Colossal.  We then break into the Video Vault to bring you the Andrew Dice Clay classic Ford Fairlane.  (ok we know classic might be a bit much).  All that plus the latest news in pop culture.  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash Special Announcement: We would like to wish you a good evening! A news show on FPN!

April 30, 2017

We are excited here at FPN as we bring you a very special announcement,  we would offically like to welcome Brandon-She Mutala, Chris Haigh and Tom Caldwell to the FPN family as they are going to be bringing us the latest show to the Fandom Podcast Network!  Good Evening: An Alfred Hitchcock podcast.  That is right the master of suspense himself will be covered in every fashion and form.  Kevin and Kyle recently sat down with 2 of the 3 hosts Brandon and Tom to discuss the new show, their backgrounds and the man himself Alfred Hitchcock.   Welcome to the network and may we wish you all a Good Evening!

Culture Clash: A Beru Stew Special Star Wars Celebration 2017 Wrap Up

April 28, 2017

Yes you read that correctly Beru Stew the latest segment on Culutre Clash dedicated to all things Star Wars is getting launched with it's own special right out of the gate!  Join Kyle (who still did not get to attend celebration but he is not bitter at all) as he brings down four yes count them four prophets from the Jedi Temple to preach the story of Celebration 2017.  First off it TV Star and FPN Co-Founder Kevin Reitzel!  Next up getting of the couch and making a run with the Death Star plans is FPN's own Davis Grayson! Then stepping away from the tables at the Cloud City Casino the "Glorious One" Michael Morris is here!  Finally the cherry on top, the Man, the Myth, the Legend, he has been prepping us for the last year and led the countdown Matt Clifton rounds out the quartet!  They guys talk about their stories and experiences at celebration and everyone weighs in on their thoughts on the Last Jedi, the upcoming 4th and Final Season of Rebels and of course lines lots and lots of lines.   So sit down grab a bowl so we can fill you up with all of this amazing Beru Stew!

Culture Clash 43: Star Wars Celebration Preview and Guests Galore!

April 9, 2017

Ok so Kevin is getting ready for celebration, Kyle is living in Tax Season slavery (and not feeling well either) so what does FPN decide to do, have one of the BIGGEST Culture Clashes of the year as it is time to preview Star Wars Celebration.  It was time to bring in reinforcements, so fresh off the Wrestlemania show with Kyle, Micheal Morris is back (Now with theme music!), but that is not all.  Matt Clifton is back to give us the final edition of Countdown to Celebration!  However it is not all about celebration as we cover the latest in news and trailers including Spider-Man Homecoming and Justice League.  In Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it we cover Ghost In the Shell, Power Rangers and the rest of Iron Fist on Netflix.  Also Norman C. Lao brings the newest segement to the Clash for all you Star Trek fans out there check out Trek N 10.  Finally Kevin raids the Movie Vault to give us the Chris Evans Pre Captain America film Push.  The real question though is has Kevin finally watched V?  All this in a SUPER SIZED editon of Culture Clash (What else are you going to do while you wait in lines at Celebration?

The Road to Wrestlemania 33 with Michael Morris

April 1, 2017

Kevin is off this week as he is working with a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, or it is a snake handlers convention they say Cobra and awful lot.  However fear not because WRESTLEMANIA is upon us and Kyle has recruited Michael Morris to come on and talk all things Wrestlemania.  Will the show live up to the hype? how bummed is Kyle that it is in Orlando but like Celebration he will miss it because of the tax trap he is in.  Will Michael Morris reveal his broken name??  Who knows? but listen and find out as they go for the tag team titles in the latest edition of Culture Clash with no disqualifications!  (Editor Note Kyle had to do this show out of studio so it could get out timely so we apologize if the sound quality is a little off this week.)

Culture Clash 42: The Mattifesto: A Guide to surviving Star Wars Celebration Orlando

March 25, 2017

In the lastest episode of Culture Clash Matt Clifton returns for the Whole show as we bring you a very special edition of Countdown to Celebration the Mattifesto!  You may have heard some of his con survival guide over on Skywalking Through Neverland a few weeks back, but this time while talking about con survival we also go more specific in how to survive Orlando and what options you have if you are going to have an extra day or two in town.  Meanwhile Kevin and Kyle go over the latest news in pop culture.  Things switch up for Buy it, Stream it or unsee it as we cover the Star Wars Rebels episode Twin Suns as well as the first 2 episode of Iron Fist, plus at Matt Clifton's request we discuss the long overdue new season of Samurai Jack on the cartoon network.  Finally Kevin raids the movie vault to bring us the Jim Cavezel version of the Count of Monte Cristo.  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 41: Monkey Business with Michael Morris or Culture Clash goes to Skull Island

March 16, 2017

Cloud City Casino's Michael Morris is back on the Clash to join Kevin and Kyle as they Discuss all things Kong: Skull Island (SPOILER WARNING!!!) we go into the film in Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it.  We also use Michael's extensive knowladge of Godzilla to discuss the stinger at the end of the film.  In news we talk about the new Wonder Woman trailer and is this movie getting to much pressure to save the DC Universe, will also debate the news that Warner Brothers is thinking about doing a Matrix reboot as well as what is happening over at Marvel with the early bad buzz on Iron Fist and all the Thor Ragnarock news as well.  Then Kevin pulls a bit of Nic Cage goodness from the Movie Vault as he brings us the 2007 film Next.  We got Wonder Woman, Kong, Nic Cage and Michael Morris all in the same show, plus Kevin has not seen V.  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 40: The Academy and Logan

March 13, 2017

In the latest episode of Culture Clash, Kevin and Kyle go over the results of the Academy Awards and talk about their highlights of the show, their also might be a celebration by Kevin in this years Oscar contest.  In the news the guys discuss the latest trailers for Alien Covenant as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.  Then they talk Jason Issacs being named to play the captain on Star Trek Discovery.  From there the focus shifts to Buy It, Stream it or Unsee it.  With all the focus going on the latest Hugh Jackman Wolverine Film LOGAN.  (We think the guys liked it.)  Matt Clifton then jumps in with Kyle to Contiune the Countdown to Celebration Orlando (have you got your badge yet?).  Finally Kevin pulls the Disney made Three Musketeers from his DVD Vault.  Join us as we do this thing.

Culture Clash: A Tribute to Bill Paxton

March 4, 2017

Everyone knows his face even if you might not know his name. (Most of you do know it)  One of the most accomplished and well respected if maybe not even underrated actors of our Generation died much to soon at the age of 61 but we all have a movie we remember him in.  It could have been Hudson in Aliens (perhaps his most famous role), Chet in Weird Science, His turn as Morgan Earp in Tombstone, perhaps it was stormchaser Bill Harding in Twister or even as Brock Lovett in Titanic.  Bill Paxton was in a movie we loved and for most of us many movies or TV show.  In this episode of the Culture Clash we pay tribute and express our love and admiration to Bill Paxton.  Mostly though we are here to say thank you.  Please join Kyle, Kevin, Norman and Erin as we remember the great Bill Paxton.

Culture Clash 39: Culture Clash goes to the Oscars!

February 25, 2017

Kevin is #suitupforwick and looking sharp, Kyle has had the appropriate amount of drinks so that means it is time for the 2nd Annual Culture Clash Oscar show.  Join the guys and they talk the Oscars and go head to head with their picks!  Also they dive into all the latest news incuding the great photo from the cast of the new Han Solo film and also talk about a few other things Star Wars.  In this weeks Buy it, Stream it, Unsee it they cover the new Matt Damon film the Great Wall, the Ice Cube Comedy Fist Fight as well as the new guilty pleasure TV show Riverdale (Archie like you have never seen it before!)  and Kevin talks his new obsession Outlander.  Finally Kevin pulls the Vin Deisel Sci-Fi film out of his DVD Vault to share with us all.  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash Spotlight: John Wick Chapter 2

February 22, 2017

Wick is Back!!!!  Yes John Wick Chapter 2 is upon us and if you have been paying attention you know everyone here at FPNet is a huge fan.  In this special Culture Clash Spotlight hosted by Kevin he is joined by fellow FPNet Co-Founders Norman and Kyle as they dive into this HIGHLY SPOILER FILLED special.  We dive into every aspect of John Wick 2 and explore even deeper the amazing world that has been built.  We are cashing in our markers on you our listeners so listen to this show!

Culture Clash 38: Raider Nerd vs. Machines

February 20, 2017

This week on the Clash then New Culture Clash 9000 is installed now it is up to the Raider Nerd to get into the system.  Still on our John Wick 2 highs Kevin and Kyle are joined again for the full show this week by Matt Clifton.  Besides the excitement of John Wick 2 they guys dive in to their excitment over the Marvel Infinity War video as well as diving into some of the TV announcements that Marvel has had with Cloak and Dagger and Runaways as well as all the changes going on with the Batman film and what that could mean for the DC Movie universe.  In Buy it, Stream it, or Unsee it, we talk more John Wick 2, as well the Lego Batman movie, The latest in the XXX franchise and the Space Between.  We also dive into some TV as Kyle talks about the Legion season premiere.  From there Matt Clifton takes over as we continue on the Countdown to Star Wars Celebration.  Then it is the raid into Kevin's DVD Vault as we take a look at I am Number Four!  of course this is all assuming Kevin has the computer password.  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 37: Good to See you again Mr. Wick

February 11, 2017

John Wick week continues!!!  That is not all Kyle & Keving have done some work around Culture Clash and there are some news sounds and some new segments, but first the guys talk what they are looking forward to with John Wick 2 as well as dive into the news, talking about Ben Affleck Leaving Batman, Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who and also a look and tribute to Richard Hatch (Apollo from Battlestar Galactica fame).  They discuss the return of 24 in this weeks Buy it, Stream it or Unsee it.  Also Kyle found a Magic 8 Ball but this one asks the questions and this week it want's to know the top 8 Keanu Reeves films from the guys.  Add in Matt Clifton's countdown to Star Wars Celebration discussing the recent guest announcements and a few other details and it is a full show.  We haven't even gotten the pick from Kevin's DVD vault yet either.  Just remember no business in the Clash and try not to make to many Dinner Reservations!

Culture Clash Spotlight: John Wick

February 6, 2017

On Oct. 24, 2014 Directors Chad Stahelski and Devid Leitch along with writer Derek Kolstad brough retired Hitman John Wick into our lives and things have not been the same.  While being modestly successful in the box office John Wick took off with a die hard cult following on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Telling the story of retired Hitman John Wick as he is lured back into the mob scene after the death of his wife and has his car and dog (the last gift from his wife) taken from him he comes back into this world looking for revenge for those who have wronged him.  Containing some of the best action scene's in modern day films and creating a world of the mob unlike any that has been scene John Wick is a trendsetting film and has now spawned a sequal in John Wick Chapter 2.

Join the Fandom Podcast Network as we look back at the orginal John Wick and explain our love for this film and also what we feel makes this film so special, plus we preview and talk about our hopes for the upcoming John Wick Chapter 2.   Let us make a Dinner Reservation and sit down and enjoy this Culture Clash Spotligh: John Wick.

Happy Anniversary Fandom Podcast Network

January 29, 2017

On January 29, 2016 the Fandom Podcast Network was offically born as Kevin and Kyle recoreded and published our Mission Statement.   Shortly their after Norman joined in and made the FPNet rock solid.  A year later the three Co-Founders take a look back at where we have been as well as where we are headed.  Which none of this could have happened without our listeners, so thank you.  We also have a HUGE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about the latest project coming the the Fandom Podcast Network we dont think you will be dissapointed!   Thank you to everyone and Happy Anniversary!

Culture Clash Spotlight: WWE The 2017 Royal Rumble Preview

January 27, 2017

It's that time again, the FPNet is stepping back between the ropes looking for that cheap pop and previewing the 2017 Royal Rumble.  The Rumble is one of the biggest shows of the year for the WWE and is the kickoff show for "Wrestlemainia Season".  In this special spotlight Kyle is joined by FPNet friend and Wrestling fan Michael Morris as we not only preview the upcoming Royal Rumble but talk the current state of professional wrestling and where are fandoms for it come from.  Plus we make our picks, will it be John Cena, Chris Jericho, Finn Balor or maybe even the deadman himself the Undertaker.  Join is as FPNEt returns to the WWE  Universe add has some fun!

Culture Clash 36: A Movie Title, A Celebration, A Countdown and A Clifton

January 26, 2017

He's BAAAAAAACK Matt Clifton returns to the Culture Clash to join Kevin and Kyle to talk the Huge Star Wars news this week (the Last Jedi) and all of our early thoughts and speculation on it.  We also begin our countdown to Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, FL.  With that we are glad to announce that Matt will also be providing a regular segment to Culture Clash bringing you all the news and happenings leading up to this Epic Event.  We also finalize are new review segement as we want to know Buy it, Stream it, or Unsee it and we start right out of the gate with Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix!  Let's do this thing

Culture Clash Spotlight: Dee Wallace

January 25, 2017

During the Highlander 30th Anniversary in Lakeland, FL. Kyle and Kevin got a very sepecial opportunity to sit down with legendary actress Dee Wallace, star of many films but including E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Cujo and Critters.  As well as being a Horror Movie Scream Queen.   We talked with her not only about her amazing history in Hollywood, including some very fun stories from the films she has worked on (their may even be a Steven Spielberg story in there).  We also got to speak with her about her role now as a Spiritual Teacher and her current raido show.  She is an Actress, Author and Spiritual Teacher.  FPNet is proud to give you this Special Culture Clash Spotlight: Dee Wallace!  Please follow her on twitter @Dee_Walace

Culture Clash 35: Under Renovations

January 20, 2017

It is 2017 and it is a new year which means we are also going into the second year of the Fandom Podcast Network and Culture Clash.  So we are looking to spruce things up and see what we can do to make the place a little more lively (no Kevin you do not get a Raiders Disco Ball).  This week Kyle and Kevin get into the latest news on Star Trek Discovery, Woody Harrelson being cast in the new Star Wars Han Solo Film, the announcement of the new Nintendo System the Switch and a few other tidbits.  Then they dive into reviews of several movies that have come out over the holiday season including LA LA Land, Passengers, Sing, Sleepless and a few others.  Put your hardhats on and join in as we start the new year the way only Culture Clash can!

Culture Clash 33: A look back and a look forward

January 4, 2017

The Clash is back!  A little holiday break was in order but Kevin and Kyle are back and we start the new year by first taking a look back at what we liked and disliked in 2016.  Then it is time to look forward as 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Fandom and also for the Fandom Podcast Network.  Join us as we look back with love, sadness and regret but look forward to a very exciting future!

FPNet Spotlight: Remembering Our Princess

December 29, 2016

Our Princess has left us, on December 27, 2016 a whole was left in all of our hearts as Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia herself passed away and became one with the Force.  We ask you all to please join the Fandom Podcast Network as we remember, cherish and move forward with this very special podcast.  Join Kyle Wagner, Kevin Reitzel, Norman C. Lao, Davis Grayson and special guests Matt Clifton and from Cloud City Casino Michael Morris as we remember the career and the Legend herself, our princess, Carrie Fisher.

FPNet Spotlight: The FPNet Christmas Special!!

December 24, 2016

Yes that is right starting an annual tradition and hoping to give all of you something to enjoy as you wait for Santa to come.  Kyle Wagner, Kevin Reitzel, Norman Lao, Davis Grayson and Mike Sellers get together on one skype call (I sense a disturbance) and discuss some of their all time favorite Christmas Movies, TV Specials, Music (Last Christmas might come up) and of course the best toys of their own memories.  There is no script there are no notes.  We just have some fun and hope to bring you some Holiday Joy!  From all of us here at FPNet Merry Christmas and may Santa bring you all you hope for and then some!

FPNet Spotlight: Rogue One The Reaction

December 21, 2016

We are one with the force and the force is with us!  Yes Rogue One is here and the whole crew over here at FPNet has something to say, so join Kevin along with Kyle, Davis and Norman as we serve up all of our thoughts, emotions and everything else that went in with us and came out with us after seeing Rogue One.  

This show is chalk full of spoilers so if you have not had the chance to go see Rogue One yet go see the movie then come back here and take a listen.  We promise you all the good feels and even a trip to the darkside as well!

Culture Clash 32: Making our list and checking it twice

December 8, 2016

Kyle is communicating with his old Northern neigbor, Kevin is getting a little paranoid and Lao for sure is on the Nice list.  All that and a new episode of Culture Clash to??!!!   This week Kyle and Kevin sit down to talk some Guardians Vol. 2 Movie Trailer as well as the new Tom Cruise Mummy movie and even the new Transformers trailer (Just for you Matt Clifton).  We also talk about the latest on the Marvel Netflix front, pay some respects to some great acting talent who has passed away recently as well as our quest to aquire rogue one tickets.  Plus some other fun to.  Give a list will you please?

Culture Clash 31: A belated Thanksgiving

December 2, 2016

Hey Guys, a last few Thanksgiving leftovers for you, due to the holiday, Kyle getting the Black Death (yes he was that sick) and getting ready for the Fandom Podcast Network's presence at Lashcon The Highlander 30th Anniversary Con.  it has been a little hectic.  However join Kevin and Kyle for the latest news (including that great Star Wars casting news!) and some belated turkey day fun. 

Culture Clash 30: Now Gremlin Free!!

November 23, 2016

Ok it took a little longer to clean up the studio after the gremlin infestation last week but Kevin and Kyle are back and in this episode talk about all the new trailer goodness that has hit in the last week or so, (Valerian, Beauty & The Beast, etc.)  As well as some of the interesting TV news that has come out involving Inhumans and Y the Last Man.  Of course there will be Star Wars News to.  So hop on and let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 29: The Gremlins are Loose

November 11, 2016

To all of our listeners, yes this weeks episode of Culture Clash might have a few moments of sound issues do to some poor conference connections, but we have opened all the windows and let in the direct sunlight in, made sure there was no water and locked the fridge so we made sure to get all the gremilins out of the building.  However in the mean time we still have a great episode of culture clash to bring you as we talk Dr. Strange, Stranger Things, Voltron and of course Star Wars!  Let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 28: Ready Player Two (On the Left Side)

November 6, 2016

Fellow Fandom Podcast Network Co-Founder Norman C. Lao joins Kevin and Kyle this week and he his placed his quarter on the machine and has issued the open challenge.  Will the guys respond or will they avoid the Joust? (OF COURSE THEY WON'T)  The guys talk Ready Player One, Dr. Strange, Star Trek Discovery and so much more.  It is time to bring on the Clash, let's do this thing!

Culture Clash 27: Now the Insurance Bill

November 1, 2016

In the latest episode of the Clash Matt Clifton is back to join Kyle and Kevin after his rampage through Tokyo the last episode.  We talk all the latest in pop culture news and wondering if we should start a kickstarter to help us pay the bill for Clifton's Tokyo tour, will you help?  Let's Do This Thing!

Culture Clash 26: SHIN! Culture Clash

October 20, 2016

The Clash is back but we ran out of triangle food and Clifton has escaped and he is headed for Tokyo!  Plus he is growing, Kevin and Kyle cannot handle this by themselves so welcome back Michael Morris from Cloud City Casino and also Kaiju expert to help us with the problem (there could be train bombs).  However before taking on the Clifton he joins the guys to discuss the special release of Shin Godzilla in theaters as they go in depth on this relaunch of Godzilla in Japan.  Following that up with some Rogue One Trailer talk as well.  Plus a few other surprises along the way.  Join us for some rampaging fun!

Note: This episode goes extremely in Depth on the Shin Godzilla film so MAJOR spoiler warnings!

The Spotlight 012: The Final Rogue One Trailer

October 19, 2016

The FINAL Rogue One Trailer is hit and you know we here at the Fandom Podcast Network are all over that.  Join Kevin and Davis as they sit down and point the Spotlight on the final Rogue One trailer and dive deep into it.  The callsign is Spotlight: Rogue One.

The Spotlight Episode 11: Stepping Through the Portal!

October 14, 2016

The Spotlight: Episode 11: Stepping Through The Portal!

Our very SPECIAL GUEST for this episode of The SPOTLIGHT is a beloved Star Trek author, actor, editor, archivist, consultant, interviewer and producer; widely known for his classic best-seller "Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion" from Pocket Books. We are talking about the one, the only, DR. TREK himself - LARRY NEMECEK!

We touch on his thoughts of the 50th Anniversary, our shared admiration for Commodore Matt Decker, Star Trek Discovery, the "pulse" of the fan base today and most importantly, the current state of his personal pet project - PORTAL 47.

Larry is celebrating his ONE YEAR anniversary of PORTAL 47; a monthly deep-dive opportunity for Star Trek fans of all ages to access some of the rarest archival material from Star Trek to date - AND he has offered all of our listeners an EXCLUSIVE PERK!! Please listen for that offer during the course of the show because it is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LISTENERS OF THE SPOTLIGHT!!!
Please visit his PORTAL 47 Website to take advantage of this incredible membership opportunity!!!
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Culture Clash 25: A Blood Feud, A King of Monsters and a Milestone

October 14, 2016

Wow!  We made it to episode 25 but will our hosts make it through this one as it is blood feud week between Kevin & Kyle's NFL Teams. Add in a really big green guy with a habit of destroying Tokyo as well as the usual Culture Clash Craziness well it will be a miracle if we make it to episode 26 much less 50!  Enjoy everyone it will be fun in only the way the Fandom Podcast Network can bring you!

Culture Clash 24: Beware the Holocron

October 8, 2016

Kevin and Kyle are back but is Kyle Corrupted????!!!!  Has the darkside taken him over?? would he really root for the Denver Broncos???  Will Kevin save him from all of this so he can join him in this week's episode???  So many questions, join us for all the answers plus the latest in Pop Culture.  Let's do this thing!!

Culture Clash 23: Sweet Christmas!!!

September 30, 2016

In the latest edition of the Clash Kevin and Kyle discuss the delay of Star Trek Discovery, the recently released live action Ghost in the Shell clips that were just released as well as some casting news from James Cameron's live action version of Battle Angel.  Then it is into a review of the remake of The Magnificent 7, diving into some new on video releases (Warcraft, Highlander 30th and others).  In Star Wars news the guys dive into the season premier of Rebels season 3 as well as the happening for Force (Rogue One) Friday.  Grab your headphones and come join us for the ride!

Culture Clash 22: A Visit to the Cloud City Casino

September 23, 2016

Kevin and Kyle take a little trip this week and Visit the Cloud City Casino in the Podcast to catch.  Joined by Michael Morris we catch up on the latest from the Cloud City Casino Podcast   @cloudcitycasino.  As well as talk Star Wars action figures, games and what the casino is looking forward to out of Rogue One.  Diving in to the news we cover the Emmys as well as some of the latest releases on Blu-Ray.  In Star Wars news we talk about the composer shake up for the Rogue One score and preview the upcoming Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.  Also their may be some talk about the King of Monsters as well!  Join us for the latest Culture Clash, LET'S DO THIS THING!

Culture Clash 21 - Skywalking Through Neverland with Richard and Sarah Woloski!

September 17, 2016

This week Kevin & Kyle introduce a new segment to Culture clash called "Podcasts To Catch". Occasionally we will highlight and interview our fellow podcasters and their shows they host and produce. Our first "Podcast To Catch" is our friends over at Skywalking Through Neverland with Richard & Sarah Woloski. We sat down to catch up with them about the origins of their podcast. We also asked them about Rogue One, Force Friday, Rebels Season Three and Star Wars land construction at Disneyland. Enjoy our inaugural segment of "Podcasts To Catch" with Skywalking Through Neverland's Richard & Sarah Woloski, a wonderful podcast that inspires us, and many others. 


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DragonCon We will miss you

September 14, 2016

On the last day of DragonCon 2016 Kyle and Kevin hit the raw nerve of a con ending and talked about some of the things that made this years con special.  A short show talking about some of our DragonCon Highlights.  Also you might hear Cat Ceder sawing few logs in the background.  Enjoy everyone!

Culture Clash 20: Dragoncon Ahoy!

September 2, 2016

It's the Dragoncon Preview show with a cast of (ok 4) Join Kevin and Kyle along with Matt and Cat as they first pay tribute to the great Gene Wilder then go into the preview of the Dragoncon Weekend!!!  Oh and there is news and stuff to!  Let's do this thing!

Artist Spotlight: Jamie Cosley

August 31, 2016

He is the Man, the Myth, the Legend (he did design our logo what else would we say?) The talented Jamie Cosley joins Kyle and Kevin for the latest in our Artist Spotlight series.  We ask him all the tough questions (basically how do you design a logo for this crazy bunch around here) we learn about his history and how he came to do our logo and also what some of his very exciting upcoming projects are.  Take a listen and support this very talented artist.  Let's do this!

Culture Clash 19: The Finest oh and Kevin and Kyle to!

August 28, 2016

The women of the Girls of the Finest join us as we talk about their latest charity work and what is going on in the world of G.I. Joe Cosplay, also Kevin and Kyle bring you the latest in News and several movie reviews.  (But we all know why your really here for this episode!)   Grab the mp3 and enjoy the show!  Let's do this thing!