The Endzone: The 2017 Offseason Special

May 9, 2017

We have not found the Endzone in a good while but we called the right play and we are back in their.  Join Kevin and Kyle as they dive in deep with the 2017 offseason Endzone special.  They guys discuss all of the big news of the offseason including teams moving, (Hello Vegas!) the big offseason free agent signings and trades (will it really still be beast mode in Oakland).  To the craziness of the 2017 NFL Draft (hello Chiefs QB of the future).  The guys do this only how they can in Fandom Podcast Network style, so strap your helmet's on, make sure those cleats are tied tight it has been awhile but it is time to make the move back into the ENDZONE!

The Endzone: Super Bowl Spectacular

February 8, 2017

The Super Bowl has come and gone and Kevin and Kyle are here to discuss what turned out to be one of the most interesting games in Super Bowl History.  Yes welcome to the Endzone Super Bowl spectatular, we discuss the big game, talk about Fantasy Football playoff addition and take a look ahead to the off season free agency and draft.  There might even be a half time show (no really kevin we dont need lady Raider Nerd!) Honestly that is not happening we are all safe!  Enjoy the Super trip into the Endzone!

Happy Anniversary Fandom Podcast Network

January 29, 2017

On January 29, 2016 the Fandom Podcast Network was offically born as Kevin and Kyle recoreded and published our Mission Statement.   Shortly their after Norman joined in and made the FPNet rock solid.  A year later the three Co-Founders take a look back at where we have been as well as where we are headed.  Which none of this could have happened without our listeners, so thank you.  We also have a HUGE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about the latest project coming the the Fandom Podcast Network we dont think you will be dissapointed!   Thank you to everyone and Happy Anniversary!

The Endzone: The Playoff Edition

January 20, 2017

Yes we are full on into the NFL playoffs and Kevin & Kyle are back before Championship weekend to talk about what has happend so far (note their mutual heartbreak).  We hit all the notes as we cry in our beer as we talk about the Raiders and Chiefs and also spend some time talking about one of the better playoff games in years (Packers Vs. Cowboys)  We make our picks for who is going to go to the Super Bowl and win it as well as a little playoff fantasy football.  All that and NFL teams moving left and right (Las Vegas Raiders anyone).  Join us as we make like Aaron Rodgers and throw a playoff Hail Mary for the Endzone

The Endzone: Regular Season Wrap-Up and Playoff Preview

January 7, 2017

After a few weeks on the Holiday IR (bad egg nog!)  Kevin and Kyle are back to discuss the end of the regular season, they end of their Fantasy Football season and look ahead to the NFL playoffs!  Plus has Kevin recovered enough from the Derek Carr Injury to get through the show.  Tune in and find out here in the Endzone!

The Endzone Week 13: ALL OUT WAR!!!!

December 8, 2016

Just in time to get you prepped for the HUGE KC Chiefs v Oakland Raiders game.  Kevin and Kyle are back and WAR has been declared!!!!  Chief's v Raiders for 1st Place need anymore be said!!  Ok we do wrap up the previous weekend's games, talk a little fantasy football and preview the upcoming week 14.  But yeah CHIEFS V RAIDERS!!!!!

The Endzone Week 10: Lament of the Raider Nerd

November 17, 2016

It was the Raiders bye week but can the Raider Nerd just be happy with that of course not, listen as he melts down do to the fact the Panthers and the Saints could not close the deal.  Then listen for the latest in NFL news and what to do with your fantasy team.  It is yet once again to dial up the long bomb and heave it up to reach the ENDZONE!!

The Endzone: AN NFL Podcast Week 9 (Kyle faces the Commish!)

November 11, 2016

Yes fans, Kyle is in trouble with the league office as last week after dealing with a mob of Raider fans he lost his mind and forgot to publish the week 8 edition of the Endzone.  After numerous large fines and loss of draft picks he is back at work and getting you your football fix, so strap on that helmut it is time to FINALLY get back into the endzone!!

The Endzone: AN NFL Podcast Week 7

October 26, 2016

We are about to hit the halfway point of the NFL season and it has been a hard one on the Raider Nerd, while his Raiders are in 1st place with a 5-2 record they still lost to Kyle's beloved KC Chiefs and the fantasy gods have not been kind either.  Join us as we discuss week 7 as well as the upcoming week 8.  We take a look at the lack of people available at this point in Fantasy Football and discuss the fact that Kevin is coming into Kyle's neck of the woods to see his beloved Raiders play the Tampa Bay Bucs!  Plus Kyle try's to cheer Kevin up (ok not really but it sounds good :-) join us yet again in the Endzone!

The Endzone: An NFL Podcast Week 6 Defeat of the Raider Nerd!

October 19, 2016

Week 6 is over and the Raider Nerd stands in defeat after round 1 of the blood feud!  Will he bow down and take his medicine or will he try to run like the pirate raider he is! (He is a stand up guy sooooo) We talk all the happenings of week 6 as well as the continuing news of a possible Raider move to Vegas.  We also look back on our weeks of Fantasy Football, who to look out to help you for next week and preview week 7. You must have scored a touchdown because your about to join us in the ENDZONE!

The Endzone: An NFL Podcast Week 5 (BLOOD FEUD!)

October 12, 2016

It is week 5 and the NFL is in high gear but this week is one of THOSE weeks, yes it is Chiefs v. Raiders Round 1 of the NFL season!  Can Kevin and Kyle Co-Exist long enough to bring you the rundown from week 5 and the latest in fantasy news??? Only one way to find out, tune in and join us, in the Endzone!

The Endzone: An NFL Podcast Week 4

October 5, 2016

It's time to buckle up the ol chin strap and make the run to the Endzone!  Kevin and Kyle are back discussing all the results from a strange week 4 of the NFL Season.  We also dive into the weekly fantasy football talk.  However this week we present a very special public service announcement from the RaiderNerd himself.  Join us as we drive towards the ENDZONE!

FPNet Presents: The Endzone a Weekly NFL Wrap Up: Week 2

September 23, 2016

Week 2 has come and gone and Kyle and Kevin are back to review all the happenings of it.  They also bring in there take on the latest fantasy news and discuss what they are looking forward to in week 3.  Make that 40 yard dash and meet us in the Endzone!

FPNet Presents: The Endzone a Weekly NFL Wrap Up

September 14, 2016

Wait who let sports into our Network???  It is all good one of the things here at FPNet we pride ourselves in is that all Fandoms are represented, this one is for all you NFL fans out there.  Kyle and Kevin bring you the Endzone a look back at the action of that week in the NFL as well as a look ahead to the next week and some Fantasy Football talk as well.  Put that helmut on grab the shoulder pads and get in the huddle!  This is going to be a lot of fun.

In this weeks trip to the Endzone we discuss some of the crazy finishes in Week 1, as well as some of the craziness in the league, we then dive into some of our fantasy football highlights as well as a look ahead to the things we are interested in seeing in week 2.


Culture Clash 16: Injured Raider Nerd and even some NFL

August 9, 2016

It's that time again as Kyle and Kevin (Who is recording while Injured and might have lost an appendage during this podcast) bring you the latest pop culture news, however this time around you might think the guys have started working for ESPN as well as they also take time out to talk a little NFL as training camps are opening and Kevin is getting the Raider Nerd Armor ready for another season!  (It could get ugly this year when the Raiders and Chiefs play).  Will Kevin survive his Injuries? Can Kyle deal with more Raiders news?  Listen and find out!  Let's do this Thing!

Fandom Podcast Network Episode 0-Mission Statement

January 29, 2016

This is our mission statement and and introduction to us and what we are about.  We hope you like what you hear and grab your interest.  This is the start of things to come!