Couch Potato Theater Episode 14: Planet of the Apes A Retrospective

June 5, 2017

Greetings from the Forbidden Zone. The Fandom Podcast Network is delighted to share with you the retrospective of 1968 cult classic, "Planet of the Apes." 

Join the Couch Potato Host Davis Grayson has he is joined by Brandon Shea-Mutula to discuss the classic 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes. Also, Davis had a chance to interview Andrew E.C. Gaska of BLAM ventures to talk about Planet of the Apes and his graphic novel that he wrote which take place during the movie and much more!

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Couch Potato Theater: Tron Legacy Commentary

April 20, 2017

Welcome to the latest episode of Couch Potato Theater as we close out are look back on Disney's Tron Franchise.  In 2010 almost 30 years after the orginal Tron came out the sequal finally came in the form of Tron Legacy, perhaps one of the most visually stunning movies of all time.  However even a full all out marketing blitz by Disney and an amazing soundtrack by Daft Punk could get Tron Legacy in the black, much like the original Tron film it has a very strong cult following but numbers did not translate when it came to the box office.  Join Kyle Wagner and Kevin Reitzel as they return to the grid to bring you a commentary of Tron: Legacy and why both of them feel it might be a superior film to the original Tron.  Grab your popcorn hop on the couch and try not to get Derezzed!  End of Line. 

Couch Potato Theater Episode 13: Tron Commentary

March 29, 2017

Greetings Program! Return with us to the Grid!  In 1982 Disney released a film that was innovative and revolutionary for the time.  They took us inside the computer and brought us the Sci-Fi classic Tron.  In the last episode of Couch Potato Theater we covered the entire Tron franchise in a retropective, in this episode Davis, Kevin and Kyle are joined my the Returning John Mills (From out Transformers the Movie Commentary) to bring you a full commentary of the film that started it all.  We invite you to join us on the couch, grab your identity disc and try not to get derezzed as we bring you the commentary of Disney's TRON.

Couch Potato Theater Episode 11: Tron A Retrospective

March 22, 2017

Greetings Program!  That's right the couch is going to the Grid.  The first part of our three part Tron look back starting with our host Davis Grayson getting Fandom Podcast Network Co- Founders Kevin and Kyle digitized and onto the grid.  The guys look back at the history of Disney's Tron franchise from the movies to the toys (who doesn't want a Lightcycle) to the video games (Tron stand-up arcade one of the top 5 stand up machines ever??).  Will look back at why this franchise has endured even though it has never been a huge money making boon for Disney but has a cult following that keeps it alive.  We cover both films as well as the Animated series Tron: Uprising.  Grab your identity discs and bring your game because we are off to the Grid!  Try not to get Derezzed.

Couch Potato Theater: Episode 10 The Black Hole: A Commentary

February 15, 2017

It's is time to go back to the couch! Join Davis Grayson and FPNet Co-Founder Kyle Wagner as they return to  once again traverse The Black Hole.  After the outstanding responce to the retrospective the guys boarded the Palomino once again this time to bring you a commentary of this lost Disney Classic.  Join them on this journey into mystery as they see if they can make it through The Black Hole!  This CPT commentary was done watching the HD version of the film avaliable on Itunes.

Happy Anniversary Fandom Podcast Network

January 29, 2017

On January 29, 2016 the Fandom Podcast Network was offically born as Kevin and Kyle recoreded and published our Mission Statement.   Shortly their after Norman joined in and made the FPNet rock solid.  A year later the three Co-Founders take a look back at where we have been as well as where we are headed.  Which none of this could have happened without our listeners, so thank you.  We also have a HUGE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about the latest project coming the the Fandom Podcast Network we dont think you will be dissapointed!   Thank you to everyone and Happy Anniversary!

Couch Potato Theater: Episode 09 Then Black Hole a Retrospective

January 27, 2017

It's time to get back on the couch, Join your host Davis Grayson as he welcomes guest and FPNet Co-Founder Kyle Wagner to the couch to discuss one of the more interesting and forgotten about films in the Disney Vault, The Black Hole.  This movie was made during a very strange time for Disney and many people see it as Disney looking to capitalize on the Star Wars craze.  In this retrospective Davis and Kyle look at what made The Black Hole stand out and why it should have a place in Disney Lore.  Join us as we board the Palomino and look back at this 1979 Disney release and journey to The Black Hole.

Couch Potato Theater: Episode 08 Masters of the Universe a Commentary

January 4, 2017

Good Journey Crusader!  It is time to once again hop on the couch and join us as we dive into another classic film, this time following up on their Masters of the Universe Retrospective Davis Grayson and Norman C. Lao needed more so they sat down got the popcorn and recored a film commentary for all of us.

They fire up the cosmic key and dive in as they talk about their favorite scenes and why this movies still holds up today.  Join the for this journey through time and space!  And remember "it's and old Eternian saying.  Live the Journey, for every destination is but a doorway to another"

Couch Potato Theater: The Muppets Christmas Carol A Retrospective

December 22, 2016

Just a little Christmas present from your friends on the Couch, join host Davis Grayson as he is joined by Culture Clash Hosts and FPNet Co-Founders Kevin and Kyle to discuss what has become a holiday must and is considered by many to be the best Muppet movie ever, The Muppets Christmas Carol.  Davis, Kevin and Kyle bring you this special Christmas episode to give you something to listen to while you roast your chestnuts on an open fire or if your out and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose.  We hope you enjoy our holiday special and Merry Christmas Everyone. (Even Marley and Marley!)

Couch Potato Theater: Masters of the Universe A Retrospective WE HAVE THE POWER!

December 20, 2016

Good journey fellow crusaders!  The Fandom Podcast Network is delighted to bring you this retrospective of the 1987 Live Action movie adaption of Masters of Universe!

Join you host Davis "Gwildor" Grayson as he is joined by Blood of Kings very own Norman C. "Lubic" Lao as they fire up the Cosmic Key open a portal and travel to and fro as they look back on this cult classic film as well as all the merchandise. 

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Couch Potato Theater: The Last Starfighter Part 2: A Commentary

September 30, 2016

"Maybe there is a Podcast left."

Greetings Starfighter! The Fandom Podcast Network has been selected by the Star League to give you a movie commentary of the 1984 Sci-Fi Classic, The Last Starfighter.

Join the Couch Potato League of Starfighters here at FPNet -Davis and Norman-as they jump into their Gunstar and give a commentary that is,"Interstellar!" We WILL defend the Frontier from Xur and the Kodan Armada!! Grab the popcorn, pop the movie in and watch with us on the Couch!

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Couch Potato Theater: The Last Starfighter A Retrospective

September 23, 2016

"When a Podcast like this comes around you grab onto itwith both hands and HOLD ON TIGHT!"


Greetings Starfighter! The Fandom Podcast Network has been selected by the Star League to giveyou a retrospective of the 1984 Sci-Fi Classic The Last Starfighter.


Join the Couch Potato League of Starfighters here at FPNet -Davis, Norman, Kevin and Kyle - as they talk about the film, re-live theirmemories of it and all still jonesing for that Starfighter Stand up Arade Game.We WILL defend the Frontier from Xur and the Kodan Armada!! Get your popcornand soda and join us on the couch!!


Couch Potato Theater: Megaforce A Commentary

August 19, 2016

Deeds not Words!  Join Kyle, Kevin and Davis as they all put in their applications to join Megaforce!  The guys hop on the ol Couch to do a commentary of this cult classic.  Join us for Lasers, Cowboys, The Egg, Super Dune Buggies, and of course Ace Hunter and his Flying Motorcycle.  Action, romance, heroes and villains. It is all her in this movie that is certified couch potato!  Ladies and Gentleman the Fandom Podcast Network presents Megaforce!

Couch Potato Theater Episode 02 Pt. 1: Megaforce a Retrospective

August 12, 2016

It's time to get back on the couch and grab the popcorn, the latest episode of Couch Potato Theater is here!  Join us as we pop the DVD of the 1982 classic Staring Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck and Persis Khambatta.  Directed by Hal Needham (Smokey & the Bandit, Cannonball Run) is best remembered for the classic vehicle's and some of the best green screen ever LOL!   In part one join Kevin, Kyle and Davis as the look back on their memories of Megaforce and discuss the history of this cult classic film.  Be sure to join us soon for Pt 2 as we will also do a full commentary of the film!

Couch Potato Theater Episode 01- Transformers the Movie (1986 Animated)

July 15, 2016

Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!  That was the tag line in 1986 when Transformers the Movie came out.  Join us on a special look back as Transformers the Movie celebrates it's 30th Anniversary.  The Fandom Podcast Network proudly brings you it's newest show Couch Potato Theater!  Join Kyle as he looks back on this classic animated film, joined by Davis Grayson & John Mills.  The guys discuss their love of Transformers, the quest for the toys and the impact this movie had on the toy line and TV series.  Then listen as they do a commentary, there will be laughs, there will be joy and their will be sadness (Optimus!!!!!!).   It's a trip down memory lane for all Transformers fans!  Until that day, til all are one!

Fandom Podcast Network: Crow Retrospective and Film Commentary

June 8, 2016

In a very special and close to the heart project here at the Fandom Podcast Network.  Kevin dives deep into the first Crow film and takes close network friend Alan R. Ryan of Ausfan Radio Network with him.  They discuss their feelings on the film, the graphic novel and the legendary soundtrack.  Then dive right in with a running commentary of the original and classic film.  This film and Brandon Lee hold a special place here at the network and you feel it with this amazing podcast.  Enjoy everyone.

Fandom Podcast Netwok: Civil War Special

May 17, 2016

It's Hero Vs. Hero and we love it.  Civil War is here and Kevin, Kyle and Matt are all here to talk about it.  We go into are likes, dislikes (Wait what dislikes?) and are thoughts on the film and where the MCU is headed.   The first part of the podcast is spoiler free, about ten minutes in the spoilers hit and the hit hard so be warned.  It's a fun ride though and really only one thing to say Avengers........ 

Editor's Note: This episode does have some sound quality issues due to some technical difficulties, we at the Fandom Podcast Network try to put out the best quality product possible but sometimes technology gets the best of us.  We apologize for this but know we are continuing to work everyday to give you the best product possible!  Thank you and remember to love your fandom!!



March 7, 2016

It is the 30th Anniversary of the original Highlander film and we are here to celebrate the immortals in the way only we can.  Join Kevin Reitzel and Norman C. Lao for this special commentary here on the Fandom Podcast Network!

Fandom Podcast Network Episode 0-Mission Statement

January 29, 2016

This is our mission statement and and introduction to us and what we are about.  We hope you like what you hear and grab your interest.  This is the start of things to come!