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Couch Potato Theater: The Spicing Guild: Dune Retrospective Part One

November 6, 2018
The Fandom Podcast Network’s Couch Potato Theater Proudly Presents:
The Spicing Guild: Dune Retrospective Part One: David Lynch's Dune 1984

Welcome to the latest edition of Couch Potato Theater, a celebration of Frank Herbert's amazing Dune universe. Adam O' Brien and Kyle Wagner begin their journey through the universe of Dune starting with David Lynch's 1984 movie adaptation.  In this look back we will see what went right and what went wrong with this film and where it falls in the history of this franchise and even with the new version being worked on now is it possible to do a quality movie translation of Dune.

We will be looking primarily with the adaptations of Frank's work. We are interested in why these have never been truly successful films, but have become cult films by themselves. We will be covering the cast, directors, the people behind the scenes, and what led up to the film's and miniseries. We will look at why Dune works better as a book than a film, with its plots within plots. It's not a linear tale, like films portray. 

Also joining Adam at the end of the episode is Din from F-105 and an engaging conversation about the original source material of Dune

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