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Episode 27: Quantum Drive REWATCH / The Orville Season One: KRILL

August 29, 2018
Episode 27: Quantum Drive REWATCH / The Orville Season One: KRILL
Welcome to DiscoVille where we discuss both Star Trek DISCOvery AND The OrVILLE here on the Fandom Podcast Network. On this show we take an in-depth look at each of these shows and discover that both of them can co-exist in today's they introduce us to fresh, new and exciting stories, characters, galactic destinations and so much more! As we continue our QUANTUM DRIVE Rewatch: KRILL presents one of the most moral dilemmas we’ve seen since Episode 3's About A Girl...
Teleya, "Why did you save the children?"
Ed Mercer, "They're kids, with their whole lives ahead of them. They're not my enemies."
Teleya, "After what they saw you do today, they will be!"
Referencing one of the most chilling and poignant scenes, The Orville takes a very serious tonal shift that illustrates how incredibly timely and representational this show can become and perhaps shed a new light on those who believed that this was just Seth MacFarlane's indulgence of a cross between Family Guy and Star Trek. We also have some fantastic Star Trek DISCOVERY news as well, AND because of his guest appearance as SAZERON in Krill...we also have a special interview with JAMES HORAN, that we have revived and added to this DiscoVille episode from an interview that was recorded in late October 2017.
There's no better way to pass the time waiting for Season Two...than with a comprehensive and in-depth look at each and every episode of Season One so let's...ENGAGE THE QUANTUM DRIVE!!!
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