DiscoVille: A Star Trek DISCOVERY and THE ORVILLE Podcast Episode 28: Quantum Drive REWATCH / The Orville Season One: MAJORITY RULE

September 12, 2018
DiscoVille: A Star Trek DISCOVERY and THE ORVILLE Podcast
Episode 28: Quantum Drive REWATCH / The Orville Season One: MAJORITY RULE
Welcome to DiscoVille where we discuss both Star Trek DISCOvery AND The OrVILLE here on the Fandom Podcast Network. On this show we take an in-depth look at each of these shows and discover that both of them can co-exist in today's fandom...as they introduce us to fresh, new and exciting stories, characters, galactic destinations and so much more!
In MAJORITY RULE, as part of an investigation to find a pair of missing anthropologists on Sargas Four (a planet similar to 21st-century Earth) the landing team discovers that all of the inhabitants of Sargas Four wear a SPECIAL BADGE which is the basis of ones social and LEGAL standing in the eyes of the MAJORITY. Social "currency" on Sagras Four is the ultimate influencer which designates every level of social standing from consumerism to criminality and in the case of Lt. John Lamarr - extreme judgement as the result of a crude gesture gone horribly wrong and most importantly...instantly viral. His fate is literally in the hands of the MAJORITY decision and not in the realm of law; or at least a justice system that The Orville crew understands!
There's no better way to pass the time waiting for Season Two...than with a comprehensive and in-depth look at each and every episode of Season One so let's...ENGAGE THE QUANTUM DRIVE!!!
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