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Couch Potato Theater: Dune Retrospective Part 2 The Sci-Fi Channel Mini-Series

January 29, 2019

Couch Potato Theater: The Spicing Guild: Dune Retrospective Part Two 

The Fandom Podcast Network’s Couch Potato Theater Proudly Presents:

The Spicing Guild: Dune Retrospective Part Two: FRANK HERBERT’S DUNE SyFy channel miniseries 

Join your host: Adam O’Brien; Australian Correspondent of Fantha Tracks, also being joined by co-founding member of the Fandom Podcast Network: Kyle Wagner a host of several shows on the FPNet.  Also on the end of each show Din of F-105 joins us to chat about the source material. 

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Join us as we take a journey into the 2000 miniseries, and to the great story starring William Hurt, in part two of our Frank Herbert’s Dune retrospective. We also cover some of the recent casting, and more info on the Dune adaptation! 

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