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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 88: Interview With Author Jonathan Melville About His Upcoming Highlander Book!

September 4, 2018
Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast
Episode 88: Interview With Author Jonathan Melville About His Upcoming Highlander Book!

In July of 2018, your Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast co-host KEVIN REITZEL recently visited the UK with his fiancée ERIN, where they took a tour of Highlander filming locations in London and Scotland. When Kevin visited Edinburgh Scotland, he met up with author JONATHAN MELVILLE. Prior to Kevin's trip, Jonathan had graciously agreed to meet up for an exclusive Blood of Kings interview with Kevin once he arrived in Edinburgh.

Kevin met Jonathan at the Filmhouse Cinema & Café located in the beautiful downtown area of Edinburgh Scotland. Kevin recorded a live interview with Jonathan on is upcoming book about the original 1986 HIGHLANDER film. Johnathan teased many details about his new book which will include interviews with Highlander stars Christopher Lambert, Clancy Brown, director Russell Mulcahy and many more. Jonathan also gives new details about the deleted fight scene between The Kurgan and Yung Dol Kim. Jonathan also speaks about a possible cut scene which included another immortal mentioned in the earlier drafts of the Highlander script.

Jonathan is planning to release his new book about the original 1986 Highlander movie towards the end of 2019. For more information about his upcoming Highlander book, please like and follow Jonathan Melville's Facebook author page here:

Also, during our segment at Joes, Kevin interviews his co-host Norman about his experience and competition sword fighting at CombatCon 2018 in Las Vegas. For more information about CombatCon please click here:

Your Blood of Kings hosts Kevin and Norman would like to thank Johnathan Melville for this exclusive interview. Please stay tuned to the Blood of Kings Facebook group for more updates on Jonathan Melville's Highlander book. 

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