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Maximum Couch Potato Theater: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior (1981) Retrospective

June 13, 2018
Maximum Couch Potato Theater: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior (1981) Retrospective
The Fandom Podcast Network’s Couch Potato Theater Proudly Presents:
Maximum Couch Potato Theater: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior (1981) Retrospective.
Part Two: Mad Max 2 “The Road Warrior”
The Fandom Podcast Network presents, an all new 4 part series, of Couch Potato Theatre specials, looking at the amazing, George Miller series of films: MAD MAX.
We’ll be looking at all four films, one by one in a four separate specials.
Your host: Adam O’Brien; Australian Correspondent of Fantha Tracks is joined by cofounding members of the andom Podcast Network: Kevin M. Reitzel and Kyle Wagner. We also have special guests Brad Macca, and Joshua Stolte - aka"JediShua"  on to chat about their thoughts on Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior!

On tonight’s special we’re taking you back to when Max Rockatansky voyaged into the Wasteland and got stuck in the middle of a territorial dispute between two warring factions over guzzoline.
Released in 1981, this is one of the greatest Aussie films ever made and one of the most amazing sequels, and also set the bar high for the post apocalyptic genre of film making. At its heart, this is a western, but also has a great Ronin story at its core.
Set some years after the original film, Max has been roaming the wilds of the lawless wasteland bent only on day to day survival. When he happens on an autogyro he meets the pilot who tells him of a place where he can get “ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk” guzzoline, enough to last him years in the Wasteland.
Max and the Gyro Captain go to the fuel town, and find a gang of marauders led by the charismatic “Lord Humungous” laying siege to the group of settlers. Max meets the settlers, and agrees to help them escape in exchange for fuel. What follows is a vicious Road War!

Join us, and enjoy... Part Two: Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior, retrospective!

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