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True Believers Episode 49: Moon Knight Episode 4 ’The Tomb’

April 25, 2022

True Believers Episode 49: Moon Knight Episode 4 'The Tomb'

Welcome to the latest episode of True Believers the Fandom Podcast Network MCU show.  Kyle Wagner is back for this weeks episode after serving as the fist of the IRS last week however Kevin Reitzel is off as he goes to get married!  Have no fears though as our Moon Knight expert Cat Ceder returns to go on some 'Tomb' Raiding with Kyle and all his personalities as we look into all the happenings of Episode 4 of Moon Knight 'Tomb"

Warning *SPOILERS AHEAD*! The Fandom Podcast Network TRUE BELIEVERS Marvel MCU Podcast will explore the MCU universe in detail, from the movies, TV series and comics.

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