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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 39: BoK Fan Choice: SHADOWS Part 2: The Commentary

May 17, 2017
One of the things that Kevin and Norm love most about having created the Blood of Kings Podcast, is the growth of the amazing HIGHLANDER Fan Community on Facebook and Social Media. Listener and fan interaction is incredibly important to promoting new discussions across Highlander fandom.

Blood of Kings fan Jill Berticus inspired Kevin and Norm to take a deeper look into one of her favorite episodes: Season 3’s SHADOWS and this Blood of Kings podcast continues Kevin's and Norm's deep dive study with an in-depth commentary as the episode unfolds.

SHADOWS also directly addresses one of the key points in Highlander the Series: Can Immortals find happiness in a normal life whilst trying to survive within “The Game” and can Duncan and Anne move past being able to TRUST in each other?
Thank you everyone for participating on the Blood of Kings Facebook page.  Any comments, questions, suggestions or critiques are welcome. 

And don’t forget about our #highlander101 contest and how you can enter your chance to win John Mosby’s FEARFUL SYMMETRY. Details how are…well, you will just have to listen to the show :)

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