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Union Federation Episode 86: Su’kal

December 30, 2020

Union Federation Episode 86: Su'kal

In this final episode of the Union Federation podcast we have a full crew of Kyle, Amy, Kevin and a returning from sick bay Hayley at the helm for this trip into a lost holodeck program and what might be the episode that makes or breaks this season of Discovery Su'kal.

First though we catch up with Hayley to get her thoughts on Terra Firma Parts 1 & 2 then dive into all things the size of a planet made of Dilithium that happened in Su'kal.  Did this episode knock this season of Discovery off the rails or did it give us the answers we were looking for?

In subspace signals we talk some about Doug Jones and the Ready Room, Under a Rock with Tig Notaro, and some subspace signals on where James Doohan ashes have been laid to rest plus an update from Seven of Nine herself on the production status of Season 2 of Picard.

The crew then takes a moment to reflect on the year in Trek that was and to share their own new years wishes.

Hailing frequencies are now open...... (AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS)

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