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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 55: The Showman’s Greatest with Chris Chapman

May 22, 2020

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 55: The Showman’s Greatest with Chris Chapman

The Doctor Who Blu Ray Collection is something we’ve always relished covering on Type 40. This time we go deeper than ever, with a close look at the feature length documentary “Showman: The Life of John Nathan-Turner”. Who better to get in for this discussion on the series longest standing producer, then they guy who’s made this definitive account of his life and career?

Yes, director of this and so many superb special features Chris Chapman is our special guest on this edition of the show. Joining regular host Dan Hadley and Simon Horton to talk about how the project came to life; the challenges along the way right up to the film’s launch at the BFI earlier in 2020. As well as share some of his thoughts from inside the whole Blu ray range about what could be coming in the future. Don’t miss it this Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast to stream direct or download here!

Chris Chapman’s new Doctor Who adventure from Big Finish is Scorched Earth. Available here:


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