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Fandom Flashback: Highlander Part 4 The Collectable Card Game

May 16, 2016

In this episode we discuss the Highlander CCG (Collectible Card Game). We go back to its beginnings in the mid 1990's with the 1st Edition of the game to its end in the early 2000's and then the resurrection of the 2nd Edition in 2007. Kevin & Norman interview Steven Rice & Cat Ceder about their history with the game. Steven is one of the co-designers and part of the rules team for the current 2nd Edition of the Highlander CCG. Cat Ceder is a long time player of both 1st & 2nd Edition. We also discuss the current status of the game, the fan supported MLE online digital version of the game and the innovated gameplay engine that made the Highlander CCG so popular and unique.

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