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Fandom Flashback: Highlander Part 3 F. Braun McAsh

May 16, 2016

Student…Teacher…Swordmaster…Actor…Fight Choreographer…Historian…these are just but a few brief words that barely scratch the surface of our ver special guest for this installment of Fandom Flashback: Highlander. Mr. F Braun McAsh, most notably known for his work on HIGHLANDER: The Series and Highlander: ENDGAME, has cultivated an extensive relationship with sword combat and sword choreography for the stage and screen, utilizing the rich history of both Eastern and Western Martial arts that Braun has studied in tandem for over 40 years. Apprenticed early in his training to the famous fight master Paddy Crean for four years, and then under the guidance and training of English fight directors such as Bill Hobbs in the 1980’s, Braun’s extensive exposure to both the historical and practical application of the combat arts opened up an incredibly diverse range of opportunities for his career expertise such as film and tv consultation for arms and armor, military uniforms, medals, heraldry, and related subjects. We are so proud and honored to have him join us on Fandom Flashback: HIGHLANDER

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