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Episode 78: FAQ’s About Time Travellers IX Neil Cole

June 7, 2021

Episode 78: FAQ’s About Time Travellers IX Neil Cole

Crack open the casket and unravel those sacred scrolls bearing the Type 40 Frequently Asked Questions, here on our Doctor Who podcast this time! With another intrepid Time Traveller poised to fill in the blanks, their way…

And we’re delighted to welcome back the extraordinary Neil Cole to the show! It’s been years since he was last on Type 40. In the time in-between, his Museum of Classic Sci-Fi: a unique attraction nestled in the village of Allendale, Northumberland has got masses of attention and some terrific reviews! The next phase of its evolution is here and you can hear all about that as we chart the course of Neil’s fandom.

Neil has quite the set of tales to tell, as always and the chance to reunite him with old mate and co-host Simon Horton was irresistible. Dan Hadley’s the question master once again as the curator, artist, teacher and MASSIVE Sontaran fan, spills! Stream or download below…

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