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Culture Clash: The SOLO Special A Star Wars Story

June 5, 2018

Culture Clash Presents: The SOLO Special

Not so long ago in a place nearby there was a podcast!

That is right welcome to the Culture Clash Solo special where we attempt to do the Kessel Run in less that 12 parsecs (we round down) and give you all our thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story.

To do that however we need a crew but not just any crew! Join host Kyle "Not so Solo" Wagner along with his always trusty co-pilot Kevin "Chewy" Reitzel as well as one Michael "Calrissian Cool" Morris and the real brains of the outfit making her first appearance on the Fandom Podcast Network Christy "Never Rough Around the Edges" Morris!

We have a crew, we have a pilot and we even have a ship (hopefully it's fast that is what they told us) so join us for this fun ride through hyperspace as we fly deep into SOLO!

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