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Culture Clash: The Infinity War Special (SPOILER WARNING)

May 4, 2018



History has been made and the Infinity War is here!!!!

We have waited 10 years and 18 films but finally what the MCU has been building for is here and it is here in a BIG way and Infinity War has arrived and is off to a record shattering start.

However how did WE feel about it and just how historic is this movie?

Join Culture Clash hosts Kevin and Kyle as they welcome back the surviving members of the Great Lakes Avengers Mr. Alex (The Real Co-Host) Autrey and Michael (The titan-killing-long-term-booty-call) Morris return to the show to discuss all things Avengers: Infinity War.

Also there might be a special mystery guest as well!!!

Before for we start the show we just have to answer the following questions

Where is Kevin?

Who is Kyle?

Why is Alex and Michael?

Avengers Assemble!!!!!

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