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Culture Clash 82: Getting back to Normal (or as normal as we get)

April 21, 2018

Well between cleaning up all the orange soda and other things left behing by Michael Morris and Alex Autrey, plus the matter of Kyle's slave to taxes status it has been a minute here at the Culture Clash but Kevin and Kyle are BACK BABY!!!  Not only are they back they are back with a Thrum Scissorpunch!!! See if the guys can get the show back on track after the April Fools Hijinx and the overdose of Taylor Lautner.

As for what was covered in this weeks episode, well there is some Solo, there is some EXCELLENT adventure, we might even have to call in a doctor even if it seems a little strange?  Oh and we learn Kevin's love for Buck Rodgers to and really what more do you need??

We are back so really  LET'S DO THIS THING!


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