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Culture Clash 203: Magic 8 Ball Why has it not been Remade or Rebooted yet?

December 21, 2021

Culture Clash 203: Magic 8 Ball Why has it not been remade or rebooted yet?

Welcome to the Culture Clash your fandom news and review show on the Fandom Podcast Network.  Join your hosts Kyle & Kevin for all the happenings in fandom.  This week the guys talk the Golden Globe nominations, a group of new trailers including Fantastic Beasts, Cobra Kai and Halo.  In Buy It, Stream It or unsee It the talk is Hawkeye, Boba Fett and Just Like That!

The Magic 8-Ball returns as well as we look at our top 8 why has this not been remade or rebooted?  Plus some input from social media as well.

So Let's Do This Thing!

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