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Culture Clash 178: Live from Facebook, also the Emmy’s, Robotech, Buffy & Showgirls

August 2, 2020

Culture Clash 178: Live from Facebook, also the Emmy's, Robotech, Buffy & Showgirls

Welcome to the latest episode of Culture Clash but it might sound just a tad different as this show was recorded as a live facebook broadcast which has now also be loaded up onto the new Fandom Podcast Network YouTube Channel! 

In this show Kevin and Kyle talk the Emmy nominations and how well the Mandalorian did.  Plus we discuss the peace made between AMC and Universal and what that could mean going forward as well as the latest in Streaming and Fandom news.

In Buy It, Stream It or Unsee it Kyle discusses revisiting Robotech on it's 35th Anniversary,  Kevin talks about the start of his Buffy rewatch and we hold back the tears as we discuss the Disney+ movie TOGO.

Finally Kevin bring the T&A as he explained why Showgirls is a cinematic masterpiece as well as a bit of History about The Bare Facts Video Guide.

We did this live so we have already done it but let's do this thing again!

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