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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast, Episode 58: Highlander The Gathering, The Celebrity Interviews

December 4, 2017

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast, Episode 58:

Highlander The Gathering, The Celebrity Interviews

 Your Blood of Kings Highlander Podcast hosts, Kevin and Norman really enjoyed their experiences at the Highlander TV Show 25th Anniversary Gathering Convention in Los Angeles at the LAX Crowne Plaza on October 20th - 22nd. They are very proud to bring you this special Podcast episode, which includes their Highlander The Gathering Convention celebrity interviews. The special celebrity interviews included in this episode are:


01. F. Braun McAsh (Highlander TV Series Sword Master)

02. James Horan (Grayson from the Highlander episode “Band of Brothers”)

03. David Abramowitz (Creative Consultant on the Highlander TV Series)


Your Blood of Kings hosts, Kevin and Norman wanted to thank and show their appreciation for the time that F. Braun McAsh, James Horan and David Abramowitz gave them as they visited the Blood of Kings booth for interviews. F. Braun, James and David each described their own experiences working on the Highlander TV show, and their shared their thoughts on attending the Highlander Gathering Convention.


Also, Kevin and Norman wanted to personally thank Carmel Macpherson, John Mosby, and all of the Highlander Celebrities and Highlander fans for making this a once of a lifetime experience. So please enjoy this special episode of Kevin and Norman's Blood of Kings exclusive celebrity interviews at the Highlander Worldwide Gathering Convention recently held in Los California, October 20th - 22nd.


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