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Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 11 - Samurai

August 29, 2016

“You cannot save honor with a lie.” - Hideo Koto

 One of the core elements in Highlander is the study of how Immortals, both good and evil, incorporate the lessons of their pasts and apply them into their lives moving forward. In many cases, Immortals learn from their previous experiences and in turn, forge those moments into their very being which becomes part of their Quickening.

 In arguably one of the TOP 10 Highlander Episodes of all time, Season Three’s THE SAMURAI, Duncan MacLeod meets a mortal man, a Samurai named Hideo Koto, who teaches him not only the “Way of the Warrior” but also what it means to be an HONORABLE man and to live by that very code. It is a lesson that Duncan will carry with him for the remainder of his immortal life; represented by the bequeathed Koto family Dragon Head Katana that Duncan has faithfully wielded for over 200 years as a symbol of his vow to its original master.

 Please join us, your Blood of Kings hosts Kevin “The RaiderNerd” Reitzel and Norman “Starfighter” Lao, as we look deep into one of the most poignant moments in Highlander as THE SAMURAI challenges us to find the moral and the meaning of honor, how it applies to this episode in terms of Highlander canon, and how it has bound Duncan MacLeod to a code that has shaped his very essence as an Immortal.