Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast - Episode 03 Who Are the Watchers Pt.1

June 28, 2016

Observe. Record. Never Interfere. This is the oath of The Watchers; a secret society that was introduced to Highlander the Series at the very end of Season one. However, who were these people and how did their organization manage to survive for over 4,000 years? Most importantly, what changed in their ranks that made one of their most influential leaders, James Horton, turn their trust to ashes as he perverted their organization for all time?In this first part of Who Are The Watchers, your podcasting Kingmakers Kevin Reitzel and Norman C. Lao take a look at the origin of The Watchers and delve deeply into this clandestine organization; who are they, why they exist, what drives them to continue and are all of their intentions noble for posterity? Kevin and Norm also review several key episodes that shed a great deal of truth and understanding about The Watchers and WHY they watch. Please join us here on Blood of Kings for an exciting and immersive look at what Norm believes was one of the greatest additions to Highlander and one that changed the future (and technically the past…)of the Highlander mythology for the better.

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast - Episode 02 Highlander What’s Next?

June 20, 2016

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 2. Highlander...What's next? Kevin & Norman ask the question, "What do you want from the next Highlander movie or TV show?" Kevin's co-host from Fandom Podcast Network's "Culture Clash" Kyle Wagner joins us. We also have very special guest John Mosby, author of Fearful Symmetry, The Essential Guide To All Things Highlander, help us tackle this topic. We also read Blood of Kings Facebook fans suggestions. And we read some wonderful iTunes reviews from fans that will be in the running for our ongoing contest that Norman set up for us, the prize is a signed copy of Adrian Paul's Audio CD "My Immortal Journal"!

Editor's Note: Stay Tuned for the end of the episode for some outake fun!

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast - The Kingmaker Chronicles Episode 01

June 17, 2016

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast, The Kingmaker Chronicles Episode 01. F. Braun McAsh Highlander eBay Scripts! Join us for a very special episode of Blood of Kings as we interview Highlander TV show Sword Master F. Braun McAsh about his current and upcoming Highlander TV show scripts on eBay, for fans to bid on! We discuss the conception and life of a script and the many changes that are made during the production of the show. We also talk to Braun in detail about the current 10 scripts he has listed and the difference between them. Braun also discusses his German Long Sword class he teaches, and the history lesson you get with it.

Blood of Kings: A Highlander Podcast Episode 01

June 7, 2016

David Abramowitz...a name that is truly synonymous with Highlander.  As the Creative Consultant for Highlander: The Series, David ensured that all of the signature and touchstone elements of Highlander were well represented through each and every script; especially the ramifications of choices and consequences and the discovery of the true gravitas of immortality.  David's stories were infused with heart and meaning that were rooted deeply in history and philosophy. And, the wisdom behind those stories has made them just as timeless as the characters that inhabit them.  We are incrdibly proud to welcome to the Blood of Kings podcast Mr. David Abramowitz.