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Fandom Flashback: Highlander Pt.1

Fandom Flashback: Highlander Pt.1

April 30, 2016


Fandom Flashback is back and this time there can be only one!  Yes we are going to the world of the immortals as HIGHLANDER is the subject of the latest Fandom Flashback.  This time around we are brining you the Flashback in multiple parts.  Kevin and Kyle are joined for the entire Flashback my Mr. Norman C. Lao who you have heard talk Highlander on Culture Clash and also is part of the Blood of Kings Highlander Facebook Page. In this first part we are joined by the crew of the excellent Highlander Rewatched podcast as we all discuss our love for Highlander and what makes Highlander such a special thing in fandom. Take a listen grab your sword and remember who wants to live forever?   Let's Do This Thing!

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