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What a Piece of Junk! A Star Wars Podcast Episode #14 - CW Ep 3 & Rey’s Father was Failure

March 13, 2020
What a Piece of Junk! A Star Wars Podcast Episode #14 - CW Ep 3 & Rey's Father was Failure
Hello Space Junkies! How is everyone doing this week? We want to welcome you to the What A Piece of Junk! A Star Wars Podcast here on the Fandom Podcast Network! 

What A Piece of Junk is THE podcast on the Fandom Podcast Network dedicated to covering everything Star Wars. From the original Star Wars trilogy movies, to the prequels, to Legends canon, Disney's acquisition of Star Wars and its products, and all the fan favorite content out there, we have you covered. So please make sure to stop on over at your local cantina, grab a drink, cozy on up to your favorite alien (or droid), and get ready to talk Star Wars!

This episode Derrick is back co-piloting the ship with Scott. We discuss Scott's recent victory in his local SW Legion campaign and then follow up with a bit of holonet news. Star Wars fans are at it again, as some are outraged at the reveal of Rey's father in the recently released Rise of Skywalker novelization that premiered at C2E2. Also an update on the Cassian Andor D+ streaming series that should get you excited. We then discuss Episode 3 of Clone Wars: "On the Wings of Keeradaks" and Derrick gives his thoughts so far on Season 7's initial story arc. Derrick also drops a spoiler of an upcoming episode to celebrate a big Star Wars milestone this year! All packed in this episode, so download it and let's punch it!!

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