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Union Federation Episode 127: Star Trek Strange New Worlds Episode 2 ’Children of the Comet’

May 17, 2022

Union Federation Episode 127: Star Trek Strange New Worlds Episode 2 'Children of the Comet'

(A Reminder Union Federation can now be found not only on the Fandom Podcast Network but also on the BQN Network!)

It is time to depart space dock as we launch the latest episode of the Union Federation Podcast!

Join Kyle Wagner, Amy Nelson and our special guest as the partnership between the FPNet and the BQN continues Mr. Tony Robinson! (Don't worry we didn't tell him he had to wear his dress uniform)

It is time to do a little comet chasing as the crew looks at all the angels of the second episode of Strange New Worlds and has a great discussion on how this show is launching out of the gate and how it is handling some new takes on beloved Star Trek characters as well as a very exciting new crew.

The mission then moves on to a discussion about this weeks ready room and how the show is honoring its legacy with not only it's actors but it's music and costume designs.

Hailing Frequencies are now open...

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