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Type 40 A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 89: From Nerva with Love with Christopher Naylor

December 2, 2021

Type 40 A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 89: From Nerva with Love with Christopher Naylor

It’s inevitable you’ll get into a spot of bother travelling with the Doctor! Any companion will confirm. Regular Type 40 hosts Dan and Sarah hope to pick up a few tips on how to get out of it again, when they meet actor and voice artist Christopher Naylor…

Christopher gamely lets us in on how he set about re-creating the character of the Doctor’s Doctor: Harry Sullivan. To star in Return of the Cybermen for Big Finish earlier in the year. A role originated by the late Ian Marter on TV. How did it feel it felt becoming part of a world that meant so much to his own childhood?

Then looking ahead to further adventures and letting us in on his other career as an accomplished artist. We’re proud to bring you this personal conversation with such a charming and talented man. Stream or download this new edition of our Doctor Who podcast right here!

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