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Type 40 A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 85: Blackpool Revisited with Alex Storer & John Collier

October 12, 2021

Type 40 A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 85: Blackpool Revisited with Alex Storer & John Collier

This time last year an eBook was published that enchanted any Doctor Who fan compelled to download it. Now the gents behind Blackpool Remembered are back with a follow up publication and a return trip to our show!

Illustrator and writer Alex Storer and researcher and designer John Collier re-join regular hosts Simon & Dan to preview Blackpool Revisited on the eve of it’s launch. Listen in as they recount the tremendous reception to the first book and explain what’s so different about this new title. As well as having a good old geek out on our virtual promenade for UK Summer Bank Holiday Weekend!

Wait until you hear the page count of Blackpool Revisited! Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast is delighted to be speaking to John and Alex again. This is exactly the kind of project that makes our fandom so unique, and we know you’ll enjoy our conversation when your stream or download it here. With the serving suggestion of a bag of chips and a can of fizzy pop on the nearest pier!

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