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Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 82: The Big Three

August 26, 2021

Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 82: The Big Three

It’s time for Type 40: your Doctor Who podcast from the Spacebook for the Fandom Podcast Network. And on this special third birthday party edition, regular host Dan Hadley puts up the bunting and invites some family round for a catch-up!

Sarah Graham’s choosing the music, naturally! But special guests, Kyle Wagner and Kevin R. Reitzel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast “True Believers” drank all the fruit punch on the journey over! So it’s time to open Dan’s home brew known only as “the Exterminator!”

Listen in for their look ahead to this month’s Doctor Who panel at the Virtual Comic Con 2021 event. Who will be the “special guest”? Plus our panel looks across the pop culture landscape to see how the Time Lord’s adventures are faring alongside its rivals during the streaming wars! Join the fun when you stream or download, at this link:

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