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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 68: Doctor Who Day 2020

November 30, 2020

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 68: Doctor Who Day 2020

The Wait is over – the timelines have converged and the bunting’s up! For both Doctor Who Day 2020 and the return of Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast. Before regular episodes resume, here’s our special birthday party for the Doctor’s 57th anniversary. Recorded a couple of days ago and livestreamed out to followers on YouTube and Facebook. Completing our LIVE trilogy, if you like, as we unveil Season 3...

Once again, we’ve a full console room here of some familiar voices from various shows this year! Doing what Doctor Who fans do best: geeking out, disagreeing and diving in and out of those time-tangents. We take in some sights, even break exclusive news! And launch our interactive event, across social media platforms to celebrate our “Doctor Who Companions of 2020”.

What are we talking about? Only one way to find out: The Fandom Podcast Network’s got balloons, fizzy pop, lots of cake and some reasonable tame monsters waiting when you stream or download here….!

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