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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 66: Run the Show

October 20, 2020

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 66: Run the Show

The role of Doctor Who Showrunner must be one of the most coveted in the whole of entertainment. Chance to chart the travels of the Time Lord called The Doctor, for however long destiny allows. Taking the TARDIS and her occupants wherever: dictating the tone and trajectory and leaving YOUR mark on a hugely significant modern mythology.

Just imagine!

… and a lot of us have! Many Doctor Who fans idle away time recasting the Doctor, over and over again. Maybe constructing stories in their heads or on paper and picking their team of writers, directors and so on.

So we opened up our cloister room and invited in some passionate fellow fans to tell us what they would do from the ground up. Or more precisely how they’d have approached the very era we are living through now. Recorded LIVE! Get into the spirit of this sojourn, sideways in time. With regular Type 40 host Dan Hadley and a collection of guests from across podcasting and YouTube. Stream direct or Download HERE…

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