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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 62: The Seventh Doctor Collection – Season 26 on Blu Ray

August 14, 2020

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 62: The Seventh Doctor Collection – Season 26 on Blu Ray

1989 was an exciting time in popular culture! But as Batman was on the big screen showing off his wonderful toys? The smaller was about to lose our very favourite Time Traveller! You’re in safe hands here on Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast.

Because whilst revisiting this final season in the classic era of the television series brings some angst flooding back for some of us? It’s sweetened considerably by the Blu Ray remastering treatment lavished on those 14 episodes as they’re re-released as a box set…

The tea’s piping hot and so is the nostalgia, whenever regular host Dan Hadley is joined by Simon Horton. Plus, there’s a dedicated Seventh Doctor era fan, as is customary on these deep dives: producer and genre writer Jonathan Melville returns to the show to guarantee everybody has an “Ace” time! Stream or download our conversation on The Fandom Podcast Network’s Time and Space companion, here…

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