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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 57: Hue Goes There? With Richard Tipple

June 23, 2020

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 57: Hue Goes There? With Richard Tipple

 It’s our pleasure to showcase the work of fan collective “Doctor Hue” on this edition of Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast. As we present a conversation with colourisation artist and craftsman Richard Tipple…

Regular host Dan Hadley and longtime advocate of the practice of adding colour to Black and White episodes of our favourite series, Simon Horton shared a virtual bubble with Richard earlier in the year.  He took them through the genesis of a groundbreaking project to completely colourise a whole episode for the very first time! Leading to the finished article premiering at Gallifrey One.

It’s an extraordinary story that’s bound to be of interest to not only Doctor Who fans, but anybody interested in film restoration. And if you’re scratching your head; wondering why would anybody even attempt this in the first place? The Fandom Podcast Network believes this may well very open your mind! Stream direct or Download the MP3 at the link…

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