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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 39: A Christmas Cracker

December 25, 2019

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 39: A Christmas Cracker

Take a seat and get stuck into our festive spread here on Type 40, this time! As regular elf Dan Hadley assembles an assortment of our voices for a Christmas flavoured edition. Discussing the magical worlds of Doctor Who, on and off screen; past and present. Best news of all...? Nobody sings!

Simon Horton’s got time to stop in on route to his seasonal job in Santa’s toy workshop (making sure all the classic Daleks are painted the right grey) Whilst our Starry Eyed Girl, Sarah Graham descends fairy like to speak of recent non-Sleigh related travels. Who did she meet? Listen in to find out….

Plus, what would Christmas be without a few parlour games, some silly hats, unplanned guests and a chat about the good old days? Our panel share their warmest Yuletide Who-memories from the past, whilst unwrapping the latest trailer for Series 12’s opening episode. The Fandom Podcast Network’s Doctor Who Cracker here to stream or download, with our compliments of the season!

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