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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 32: Mission: Improbable! – Mission to the Unknown 2019 Review

October 17, 2019

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 32: Mission: Improbable! – Mission to the Unknown 2019 Review

Type 40’s delighted to be covering a truly unique event in Doctor Who’s timeline, with this latest podcast. A brand new review, of a new… but old adventure. The fact we’re still a Time Lord missing? (It’s okay, we’ll explain on the show!) Neither here nor there…

Doctor Who fans are patient, dedicated, maybe single-minded… and resourceful. We were never going to accept having 90 plus episodes of the series missing from the archives; unwatchable forever. Sure enough in Autumn of 2019, 44 years to the day since one of those number aired for the first and only time on British television, it’s gap has been filled. Thanks to students, staff and graduates of one of the UK’s top universities, led by one such fan.

Simon Horton and Dan Hadley compose themselves long enough to review this much talked about recreation of the classic episode “Mission to the Unknown”. Setting its place in the legacy and musing on what this could mean for the future…

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