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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 30: The Third Doctor Collection - Season 10 on Blu-Ray

September 25, 2019

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 30: The Third Doctor Collection – Season 10 on Blu-Ray

Countdown to an action-packed time in Doctor Who history with us, and unwrap the newest Blu-Ray box set in this prestigious collection. The landmark 10th anniversary season starring Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning from 1973, may be before host Dan’s time! Fortunately, our Miniscope has captured some extra rare specimens with Spangles and Pacers as bait!

Yes, authentic 70’s kid and regular voice Simon Horton’s back with us. Whilst roller-skating in from Whooverville is longtime fan and convention guru Gary Finney Zair. The Third Doctor’s long overdue some coverage here on Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast and what better place to start than this explosive, colourful set of unforgettable stories.

 Naturally there’ll be talk of all those groovy new special features and a look sideways at the other sights and sounds of ’73! The Fandom Podcast Network advises caution navigating Black Holes, Drashigs, Giant Maggots and a whole Dalek fleet. But guarantee flared-trouser sized fun.… just don’t mention The Tomorrow People, okay…?

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