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TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 10: The Crystal Phase

October 31, 2018

TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 10: The Crystal Phase

Welcome to TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast here on The Fandom Podcast Network! On this podcast, we will take an in-depth and closer look at this beloved television series that has shaped the landscape of science fiction for over five decades. Continuing our reviews of the newest season and starring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor.

Between them your Type 40 hosts Norman, Kyle and Dan fiddle with the controls of the freshly redecorated TARDIS to work out what it all does. Try not to jettison any of the new rooms, accidentally Time-ram a Dalek or ring that Cloister Bell boys! Will the paintwork be in tact or any Custard Cremes left in the biscuit chute by the time they materialize?

Somewhere amidst the tomfoolery there's time to discuss that 2nd episode of the ratings topping new series, “The Ghost Monument”. Once we've met a new Doctor, could this be the trickiest slot to fill? Does the story get their electromagnetic-pulses racing and how are the latest cast of companions starting to gel? Stick with TYPE 40: A Doctor Who Podcast and we'll all split the prize, deal?

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