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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 92: Paul Joyce on Warriors’ Gate and Other Indescribable Things

December 21, 2021

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 92: Paul Joyce on Warriors’ Gate and Other Indescribable Things

We proudly present an exclusive in-depth interview with a most enigmatic and ground-breaking figure in the history of the world’s longest running Sci-fi and fantasy television series…

In 2021 Paul Joyce is acknowledged as one of the UK’s foremost producers of arts documentaries. And an internationally exhibited photographer and painter. To followers of Doctor Who, he’s the mysterious, maverick director of that most perplexing of classic stories: Warriors’ Gate. Which first screened in 1980 and starred Tom Baker.

So much mythology has built up around the making of this adventure in the intervening years. Regular hosts Simon Horton and Dan Hadley are all ears as Paul details the process behind taking it from treatment to the screen. As well as recounting events from his life and prestigious three decade long creative career in filmmaking, photography, and art.

Paul’s a natural storyteller and you’ll be as curious and captivated to hear more. Including answers to many fan questions and myths; was he really fired three times by the producer? How does he feel about what made it to television? How did he create the shot of the spinning coin and what could it all mean?

It’s our very great privilege to bring you this insightful, unique, extraordinary, and candid interview with the multi-talented Paul Joyce. To stream or download today…

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