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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 86: Whostock 83 with Phil Newman

October 19, 2021

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 86: Whostock 83 with Phil Newman

It’s often said the 80’s revival has lasted twice as long as the decade itself. Whether its movies standing the test of time or music filling playlists of even those of us born years after Live Aid happened!

Us Doctor Who fans revisit the tales of the JNT era, over and over! But there’s some stories forever time-locked and only available to those who were there. And one of the fandoms most talked about of days and dates we’d all wish we’d seen with our own two eyes must be the entire weekend our show took over Longleat Park in Wiltshire.

Both regular voice Simon Horton and our special guest, production designer Phil Newman were among the thousands of attendees of that huge 20th anniversary event. Together they remember the guests, the props, the screenings, and those legendary queues. Whilst your host Dan Hadley turns green as Scaroth, with envy.

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