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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 84: Happy Times – Summer 2021 News & Rumour Catch-Up!

October 7, 2021

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 84: Happy Times – Summer 2021 News & Rumour Catch-Up!

It’s the height of Summer, yet it feels like Christmas around the console room with the possibility of a bright new future for Doctor Who on TV in the air. Time for our midyear catch up with all the latest news from the vortex!

We talk about all the HUGE announcement of the departure of both Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall from the series. As well as take stock of the recent Comic Con at Home 2021 virtual panel, which effectively launched the countdown to Series 13. Due on screens this coming Autumn…

Regular host Dan Hadley welcomes back Kyle Wagner! As well as one of the biggest Who-voices on YouTube, Tzvi Lebetkin. With screenwriter and director Ian Diaz rounding off our team of Time Agents. Stream or download our latest episode HERE:

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