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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 79: Northern Star

June 15, 2021

Episode 79: Northern Star

Slipping back out of a tricky Time-Eddy and onto your pod-catcher comes the latest edition of our Doctor Who podcast. With regular hosts Dan Hadley and returning favourite Sarah Graham…

It’s an incredible 17 years since the casting of Salford born actor Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Breaking the mould and heralding the biggest comeback in fantasy TV history! He was gone faster than he arrived, of course. Chris’s sudden departure from the role stung the fanbase and has fascinated the media since. Now in 2021 he’s returned, on audio this time. For Big Finish Productions in a major series of new releases.

On this episode we unapologetically celebrate this powerful, passionate actors time on the series. Reliving the countdown to Series 1 and geeking out over our favourite “fantastic” moments. Unearthing quotes from the man himself before hearing details about what adventures lay ahead on this first volume of new adventures! Download or stream direct, here…

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*See Sarah Graham as the Doctor in The Script Doctors: Planet of Fire

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