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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 74: The Game Masters

February 16, 2021

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 74: The Game Masters

Unfinished business! The history of the world’s longest running Science Fiction and Fantasy series is mined with such. Few projects are more dreamt about than the planned final meeting of the Doctor with his Master, in the latter days of the Jon Pertwee era. An epic finale viewers and the actors were denied by a tragic accident.

To mark the centenary of Roger Delgado who originated the character of the Master, that story has been created and told. On audio by a team of dedicated, creative fans lead by writer and producer Chris McKeon. He joins regular host, Dan Hadley to tell the story of Black Glove Studio and the creative process that brought The Final Game to our ears, at long last.

Bringing along special guest, voice actor Terry R Cooper. Who plays a massive integral part in casting this spell so well. Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast thoroughly recommends this drama and this edition is the perfect, non-spoiler appetizer…

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*Terry R Cooper is The Master in The Final Game and in our intro on Type 40.

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