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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 71: Christmas Party 2020

December 30, 2020

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 71: Christmas Party 2020

Make sure you’ve a mug of something hot to sip and a bobbly to pop on, for this wintry journey aboard our Doctor Who podcast! There’s a stocking full of candid Christmassy talk from across all of space and time, just waiting by our fireside…

Huddle in and share the gift of conversation here with friends and fellow fans on this as-live edition, presenting our Christmas Party for 2020! Christmas Starry Eyed Girl, Sarah Graham’s here! Along with the ever jolly Simon Horton and regular keeper of the grotto, Dan Hadley. They’re joined by several friends from shows past. Absolutely no ghosts though! Remember the Doctor doesn’t believe in ghosts…?

Which rabbit holes will the chat go down? Will any of them disgrace themselves in the customary awkward, Christmas trivia quiz?? And prepare a drumroll as we reveal which Doctor Who legend will be crowned Type 40’s Companion of 2020!! Merry Christmas and our very best hopes for the New Year from everybody at Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast.

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