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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 70: Missing Episodes with Richard Molesworth

December 27, 2020

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast

Episode 70: Missing Episodes with Richard Molesworth

It’s a reality that haunts Doctor Who fans: how large quantities of the series earliest episodes officially no longer exist. Wiped, taken or destroyed over a period of time as part of a general housekeeping and money saving initiative at the BBC itself, decades ago.

Writer and lifelong fan Richard Molesworth is the man who’s written the definitive work on the misty saga of the missing episodes, titled “Wiped!”. And he’s our guest on the latest edition of Type 40 for an exclusive, erudite and candid interview. With his old mate Simon Horton and regular host Dan Hadley.

Several years have passed since the last lost episodes found their way back to the archives and onto DVD. Yet rumours of new finds and twists and turns to this tale persist, as always! Listen in for a conversation that’s frank, witty and right up to date. Even dispelling some often repeated urban myths. Don’t miss a single word, when you stream or download this episode direct at these links below!

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