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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 69: Back in Time

December 10, 2020

Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast Episode 69: Back in Time

Time to materialize again as Type 40 returns to the pod catcher of your choice. There’s a new desktop and theme! But the same blend of reviews, discussions and interviews. With plenty of treats and surprises to come, we promise. What better way to begin Season 3 of our Doctor Who Podcast than to talk Multi-Doctor!?

Designated driver Dan Hadley’s back with regular co-hosts Sarah Graham and Simon Horton to not only review the landmark Big Finish special release audio drama, Out of Time. Which stars arguably the two most popular of all the Doctors in Tom Baker and David Tennant. But to play “Fantasy Match-ups” with the incarnations of their choice! As well as answer some of the mysteries about similar, earlier on screen escapades!

Stream our latest episode direct or download the MP3. And we love feedback so don’t forget to reach out to Type 40 and The Fandom Podcast Network, if you’re glad to have us back in your ears. Now, open the jelly babies and enjoy!

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