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Time Warp 1981: Movies & Pop Culture 40 Years Later - Part 6: Nov & Dec 1981. Time Bandits, Sharky’s Machine, Taps, Reds, & More!

December 24, 2021

Time Warp 1981: Movies & Pop Culture 40 Years Later - Part 6: Nov & Dec 1981. Time Bandits, Sharky's Machine, Taps, Reds, & More!

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Network's special presentation of Time Warp 1981: Movies & Pop Culture 40 Years Later, Part 6. In this special edition of Time Warp, your host Kevin Reitzel and co-hosts Kyle Wagner and Lacee Aderhold will cover the movies, music and pop culture for November & December of 1981. 

Over the last few years here at the Fandom Podcast Network, we celebrated the movies of the 1980's, and 1990's. This year we decided to Time Travel back to the 80's again, and look back on the pop culture of  movies, TV, music and notable events of 1981, which are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2021!
Welcome to Part 6 of the Time Warp: 1981. In the episode, we will cover the pop culture and movies in the months of November & December of 1981. Here is a small sample of the many movies we will cover in Time Warp: 1981 Part 6:

- Time Bandits

- Sharky's Machine

- Taps

- Reds

- The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
- Heartbeeps


We also discus the Academy Award nominations and winners for the movies of 1981. We will celebrate, debate and discuss this fantastic year of movies and pop culture in 1981. So travel back in time with us, and enjoy, Time Warp 1981.


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