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Hair Metal Podcast: Episode 04: BEST UNDERATED HAIR BAND ERA GUITAR PLAYERS! w/ Special Guest: Johnny Karzai!

October 8, 2018
Hair Metal Podcast: Episode 04: BEST UNDERATED HAIR BAND ERA GUITAR PLAYERS! w/ Special Guest: Johnny Karzai!
Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Network's special presentation of... 

The Hair Metal Podcast cover bands that reached several levels of popularity and notoriety during the mid to late 1980's "Hair Metal" explosion. We take an in-depth look into the bands that defined the style and sound of Hair Metal, and many other bands that may or may not be categorized as Hair metal, but did reach some popularity during the Hair Metal rush of the 1980's. 


Kevin Reitzel is your host for The Hair Metal Podcast. Kevin welcomes special guest host, Johnny Karzai!

In this episode of the Hair Metal Podcast:

Kevin puts Johnny to the excruciating task of asking Johnny to narrow down his Best Underrated Hair Band Era Guitar Players from fifty ish, to five, with some honorable mentions. Kevin also struggled to narrow his own list down. But they came up with a great list of very talented guitar virtuosos and underrated legends. Here is a tease of a few underrated guitar players that will be highlighted on this episode:

Jake E. Lee (Ozzy / Badlands)
Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.)
Billy Duffy (The Cult)
Dave "The Snake" Sabo(Skid Row)... and many more!

- Hair Band News! 
We give Hair Metal Music Group a Shout Out! This awesome Hair Metal Facebook group is promoting a new book by author Hall Laurel called "Soundtrack of Our Youth: History of Hair Metal Music" It released on September 21, 2018. It can be found on Amazon for $14.99 here:…

Hair Metal Music Facebook Page:

Hair Metal Music Twitter: @hairmetalmusic

- A Lesson In Hair Band History: 
The Axl Rose & Vince Neil Feud!
Kevin and Johnny discuss the circus that became the still unresolved Axl Rose & Vince Neil Feud. the origin of this feud began at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. They also discuss the rock stars and other celebrities that chimed on who they think would had won if Vince and Axl did come to blows. Sammy Hagar volunteered to referee the fight! Kevin and Johnny give their opinion on who would have won!  

- And finally, Kevin and Johnny do a Rock N' Roll T-Shirt Check, and talk about the recent concerts they've both been too. Kevin would like to thank his very special guest... Johnny Karzai!

Please enjoy this special episode of the Fandom Podcast Network's, The Hair Metal Podcast! Remember...every rose has its thorn, and on a steel horse... we will ride! HAIR METAL LIVES! Rock on everyone!

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