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Episode 52: Kevin’s DRAGON-CON 2017 Panel: Highlander TV Series at 25

September 27, 2017
On Sunday September 3rd at 10 AM at the MARRIOTT Hotel during Dragon Con’s EPIC convention weekend, your very own Blood of Kings co-host Kevin “TheRaiderNerd” Reitzel was invited to represent the Fandom Podcast Network AND Blood of Kings at a very special panel…Kevin was a guest co-panelist for the American Sci-Fi Classes track "Highlander TV Series at 25: No Panel Can Be Its Equal"; a celebration of 25 years of an incredibly signature series and one that was influential to fandom in the early to mid 1990s!

The event listing described this awesome panel thusly, “Now is the time of the Gathering! We may just sing the theme song for the whole hour. Moderator: Gary Mitchell. Additional Panelists: Rita De La Torre, Jason De La Torre, Jessa Phillips, Kevin Reitzel, Tegan Hendrickson and Speaker: Dr. Scott Viguié. And many thanks to the American Sci-Fi Classics Organizers: Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchell! Warning...there MAY be singing :)

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